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WordCram Release 0.4.1

WordCram 0.4.1 is a minor bug-fix release, available in zip and tar.

Danilo Di Cuia wondered whether French accents worked in WordCram, which surprised me, because I’ve seen characters like that in WordCrams before. But as it turns out, it only worked if you pass your own array of Words: the word-counting part was removing all accented characters from the source text.

The bug’s fixed now, but for the 0.5 release, I’ll probably replace that whole part with cue.language instead. It’s a small library for natural-language tasks, written by Wordle creator Jonathan Feinberg, and it grew out of Wordle. It’s better-tested, and it handles a bunch of languages already. That part of WordCram was always pretty immature, so it’ll be nice to rely on something more battle-hardened.