WordCram 0.5.7 released

WordCram 0.5.7 is out, and it’s about making things just a little easier.

  • You can make a WordCram from multiple text sources, by piling them on top of each other. Before, WordCram would forget about your old text source, and only remember the last one you told it about; now, it remembers, and uses, them all.
  • If you’re loading an HTML document, you can pass a CSS selector to narrow down the content. Handy for pages with navigation, headers, and footers.
  • Words now have, by default, 1 pixel of space between them. It used to be zero, which made for some pretty dense images. If you want, you can always go back by calling withWordPadding(0).

This is a quick release, because simpsus is helping me smooth out making WordCrams from shapes, which will be the next release:


In the meantime, download the zip or the tar, and have fun cramming!

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2 Responses to WordCram 0.5.7 released

  1. Jennifer says:

    So excited to hear you are working on this! Our public library runs Linux machines, so Tagxedo is a flop and wordle.net is not exciting enough for youngsters. Thank you! Will it be a website? Or code we ask the tech support team to install?

    • Sure, we can do something like that. It’d probably be something for your tech team to put together, but they’ll probably have to code a little bit to set it up. I’ll email you to sort out details.

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