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WordCram 1.0.0 Released, for Processing 3.0

WordCram 0.6.2 Released

WordCram 0.6.1 Released

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WordCram 1.0.0 Released, for Processing 3.0

2015 Oct 31

I just released WordCram 1.0.0!

WordCram 0.6.2 Released

2015 Aug 02

I just released WordCram 0.6.2!

WordCram 0.6.1 Released

2014 Aug 30

WordCram 0.6.1 is here, with improvements to the examples, and some bug fixes.

PDFTextStream + WordCram

2014 May 29

Snowtide Informatics has announced that their PDF text-extraction software, PDFTextStream, is now free for use in single-threaded applications.

WordCram 0.6.0 released

2013 Aug 24

WordCram 0.6.0 is here, and brings with it arbitrary shape-based layouts, SVG export, event callbacks so you can monitor your sketch’s progress, and as usual, a few bug fixes. Special thanks to simpsus for helping out so much!

WordCram 0.5.7 released

2013 Mar 03

WordCram 0.5.7 is out, and it’s about making things just a little easier.

Why Don’t All My Words Show Up?

2013 Mar 03

You installed WordCram, gave it a list of words, and ran it - and some of your words are missing. What’s up?

Shapes for WordCram

2013 Feb 13

This has been a feature request for a long time: making WordCrams in arbitrary shapes, like Tagxedo does.

WordCram 0.5.6 released

2012 Aug 25

This release includes three bug fixes (#6, #7, and #8), and some small performance improvements, that should get us a tiny bit closer to faster wordcrams. Get the better bits, and happy hacking!

WordCram 0.5.5 released

2012 Aug 20

This release is mostly a fix for issue #4. dbasch couldn’t make a word cloud, because cue.language couldn’t decide what language his text was in. Next time cue gets confused, instead of stopping the whole show, WordCram will gracefully ignore it, and include the word.

WordCram 0.5.4 released

2012 Jul 31

Just a tiny bug fix for making word crams with the fromTextString method. Download only the freshest of WordCram bits!

Independence Day

2012 Jul 04

Happy Fourth of July!

WordCram 0.5.2 released

2012 Jun 23

WordCram 0.5.2 makes it easier for your users to click on words. You can download the .zip or the .tar.gz at the new github download page.

Spring Cleaning for Smoother WordCram Builds

2012 Jun 18

I’ve been frustrated with WordCram’s automated build for a long time. It was a giant tangle of ant, JUnit, SVN, javadoc, and googlecode file-uploads, and it was always a struggle to change it, or even remember what it did for me.

WordCram 0.5.1 released

2012 Apr 20

Two tiny bug fixes: preventing array-out-of-bounds errors when maxNumberOfWordsToDraw is set too high, and ignoring skipped words when checking for overlaps.

Faster WordCrams? An Experiment

2012 Feb 22

Simulated annealing is a programming trick for quickly packing a bunch of things together. It’s based on the idea of annealing, where (as I understand it) a metal is heated, which gives the molecules enough energy to wiggle, then cooled slowly, which lets the molecules settle into a denser arrangement.

WordCram’s moving to GitHub

2011 Nov 06

I started moving WordCram on to GitHub, and most things are in place, like the issues list and the wiki. I still need to copy over the downloads. Got the downloads, too! (Only 0.5.0 for now - the older ones are still at googlecode, but I’ll probably copy them too, eventually.)

WordCram Release 0.5.0

2011 May 12

Today I learned that WordCram 0.4.1 doesn’t work with Processing 1.5, and the root of the problem is the way it renders word shapes. Then I found that the same change that enables PDF rendering enables Processing 1.5 support.

New daily: WordCram to PDF

2011 Apr 28

WordCram now outputs to PDF. It’ll be in the 0.5 release, but you can grab the new daily build right now (zip or tar) and try it out. The only new code you’ll need is normal Processing PDF stuff, all the WordCram code stays the same. Just import processing.pdf.*, and use size(width, height, PDF, "path/to/output.pdf").

BarCamp Boston 6 Slides Up

2011 Apr 28

Here they are!

See You at Barcamp Boston 6

2011 Apr 08

WordCram Release 0.4.1

2011 Mar 27

WordCram 0.4.1 is a minor bug-fix release, available in zip and tar.

WordCram Release 0.4

2011 Mar 18

WordCram 0.4 is ready for consumption! Download the zip or the tar.

Golan Levin’s SubRip Processing Parser

2011 Jan 31

Golan Levin just posted a Processing parser for SubRip subtitle files, and posted a demo applet that generates a tag clouds (via OpenCloud) from Star Wars.

2011 State of the Union Address, WordCrammed

2011 Jan 27

WordCram Interview

2010 Dec 04

I just realised I never posted a link to the WordCram interview that Zoltán Varjú was kind enough to conduct!

PDF Rendering Is Almost Ready

2010 Dec 01

After poking around, it seems like PDF rendering might not be as far-fetched as I’d first thought. I’ve made some pretty good progress:

WordCram Release 0.3

2010 Nov 08

WordCram 0.3 is here, and it has some nice improvements.

Blog Header by WordCram

2010 Nov 04

Here is, more-or-less, the sketch I used to generate the new WordCram blog header. About half of the sketch is Processing setup and interaction, so I could keep running it until I found one I liked.

WordCram Release 0.3 is Almost Ready

2010 Nov 01

It may seem like October’s been a quiet month for WordCram, but the 0.3 release is almost ready. I just built a daily release (.zip, or .tar.gz) that has more javadocs, new examples, and some new methods that control text parsing: upperCase(), lowerCase(), and keepCase(), and includeNumbers() and excludeNumbers().  Not to mention building a WordCram from a webpage, and a newer, easier way to configure your WordCram.

WordCram Release 0.2

2010 Sep 24

The 0.2 Release has some nice changes over 0.1: it’s easier to use, it’s a bit faster, and the layouts should look better.

Get Acquainted With WordCram

2010 Sep 09

(2010-09-27: Updated for WordCram 0.2.)

WordCram Release 0.1

2010 Sep 09

The WordCram 0.1 release is here.  Don’t let the low release number fool you – it’s pretty solid code.  Since the initial release, I’ve improved performance, and cleaned up the API, making it faster, and easier to use.

Hello, WordCram: Word Clouds in Processing

2010 Aug 31

Today I’m releasing WordCram, an open-source Processing library that lets you generate word clouds. It does the heavy lifting – text analysis, collision detection, bin-packing – for you, so you can focus on making your word clouds as beautiful, as revealing, or as silly as you like.